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Getting Signed In

Members and guest signing in and getting their dinner tickets at the start of a meeting.

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Telling Stories
Telling Stories

Members sharing stories during the social hour.

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Pre Meeting Chat's
Pre Meeting Chat's

Members taking advantage of the social hour to make new acquaintances and catch up with old friends.

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Getting Signed In
Getting Signed In

Members and guest signing in and getting their dinner tickets at the start of a meeting.

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Guests are always welcome to attend our regular meetings which include an informative presentation on a fly fishing related subject, raffles for fly fishing gear and books, plus a lot of fly fishing expertise which members love to share.  Scroll down for list of scheduled presentations!

We normally meet on the second Thursday of each month (except August).

Date: December 9, 2021

Speaker: TBA

Topic: TBA

Meeting Location

Tower Lanes Entertainment Center

6323 6th Ave

Tacoma WA 98406

This Month's Presentation


Date: June 9, 2021

Speaker: David Paul Williams

Topic: Panfish: A Kick in the Pants


America’s fish – bluegill, crappie, rockbass and
more. Learn about the fish, what they eat and how
to catch them. Break out the 3-weight rod because
panfish are the perfect fish for kids of all ages

Previous Presentations


Date: May 12 , 2021

Speaker: Open Mic Night

Topic: Come and hear fishing stories from some of the best.  Share your stories if you dare!

Date: April 14, 2021

Speaker: Leland Miyawaki

Topic: Searun Cutts and Coho Using Just One Fly

Almost 15 years ago, Leland tied up his first
"Miyawaki Beach Popper." It is a surface fly that
Leland casts off the Puget Sound and British
Columbia beaches to catch wild coastal cutthroat
and coho salmon on his 6wt rod. You will learn life
cycles, food, timing and tides, techniques, flies, and

Scheduled Presentations 
(Tentative and Subject to Change)


Date: July 14, 2021

Speaker: TBA

Topic: TBA

Date: March 10, 2021

Speaker: John Haberlin with the Pierce Conservation District

Topic: Local Stream Conservation Efforts


John’s presentation will focus on the state of streams in the Chambers-Clover creek as well as the Puyallup feeder stream watersheds. 


The Pierce Conservation District (PCD) works with local landowners and public agencies to conserve natural resources that are essential to both our economy and our region’s quality of life. Their collaborative efforts with citizen volunteers to create a just food system, improve water quality, promote sustainable agriculture, and recover wildlife habitat, are the heart of our mission.

Date: February 10, 2021

Speaker: Ryan White of the Yakima Guide Service

Topic: Fishing the Yakima


Ryan will talk to us about “Almost All You Might Want or Need to Know About fishing the Yakima River this time of year”

Ryan understands the river and it’s tributaries from a timing standpoint, or expected flows, the best locations for bank fishing as well as from a boat and the lifecycle of the bugs we imitate in trying to outsmart the river’s beautiful fish during the summer.

Date: January 13, 2021

Speaker: None

Topic: No meeting this month.

Date: December 9, 2021

Speaker: Nate Brumley

Topic: Advanced Dry Fly Fishing

Nate Brumley of Dry Fly Innovationsintroduces us to some awesome new dry fly patterns, techniques on how to deliver dry flies, and strategies on how to fool big fish. It’s a program packed with remarkable fishing footage, unique insight, and concepts that you can immediately utilize at the surface of the water. Both still and video clips are used to show the viewers the concepts discussed.

Date: November 11, 2021

Speaker: Aaron O’Leary

Topic: Salt Water Fly Fishing - Florida Keys and the Gulf 

Aaron O’Leary, of Angler’s Obsession, will share a brief overview of some amazing saltwater fishing both in the Florida Keys and Louisiana. Aaron will talk about some of the tactics to sight cast to these amazing Tarpon, Bonefish and Redfish.

Date: October 9, 2021

Speaker: Heather Hodson

Topic: Reading Trout Water

Understand where trout live and you'll catch
more fish. Heather Hodson will take you on a
river journey to learn about the different water
currents, elements and features to become a
better trout angler.

Date: September 9, 2021

Speaker:Skip Morris

Topic: Make Soft-Hackle and Wet-Fly Fishing Work


These very old flies and the techniques by
which they are fished were for a long time all but
forgotten—but they really do catch trout. And
they catch them sometimes when other flies and
methods won’t.

You’ll learn to skip a wet atop the water to drive
trout a little mad, how to solidly hook a high
proportion of the trout that take both your wets
and soft-hackles (an area where many fly
fishers have trouble), the rigs, the flies, and

Date: August 12, 2021

Topic:  No Meeting in August.  We will be taking our traditional August recess this year as is our custom.

Date: July 8, 2021

Speaker: TBA

Topic:  Recolonization of all Elwha River Salmonids


John Mcmillan is the Science Director for Trout
Unlimited’s Wild Steelhead Initiative. His
upcoming talk will focus on the Elwha River dam
removal project and the recolonization response
of steelhead, Chinook salmon, and coho

Date: June 10, 2021

Speaker:  Nick Clayton of All Rivers and Saltwater Charters

Topic:  Fly Fishing For Albacore Tuna

Captain Nick Clayton of All Rivers and Saltwater Charters runs approximately 60-80 albacore trips a summer while running one of ARSC's 4 charter boats. 

Nick has worked hard to bring this amazing fishery to the attention of Washington fly anglers. Nick will be doing a presentation on fly fishing for albacore tuna off the Washington coast.


Presentation will cover gear selection (rods, reels, lines, leaders, flies), fishing techniques, a bit about albacore and their life cycle, food sources, how to find fish in an open ocean, and the general program he runs while targeting albacore on the fly offshore.


This is an incredible fly rod fishery that is very unique
and still very underutilized by fly anglers in our area

Date: May 13, 2021

Speaker: Meghan Barker

Topic:  “Bristol Bay and the
Pebble Mine, Where we Stand”

Join Trout Unlimited's Bristol Bay Organizer
Meghan Barker for a digital presentation on the
efforts that stopped the proposed Pebble mine
in 2020 and that now work to permanently
protect Bristol Bay, Alaska. Meghan will be
talking about fishing in southwest Alaska, the
history and current status of the mine, and how
TU is leading efforts to ensure Pebble doesn't
come back in the future.

Date: April 8, 2021

Speaker:  Rick Hafele

Topic: Understanding Emergers

Emerging insects provide some of the most
exciting and productive fly-fishing opportunities.
But you have to have the right fly and present it
the right way. This program explains the in’s
and out’s of choosing the right fly for the right
emerger and how to fish them.

Date:  January 9th, 2020

Speaker: Leanna Young, river safety expert and Northern Idaho Guide.

Topic: – With several years’ experience as a fire department Swift Water Tech and years of guiding which equates to lots of safety lectures for customers and one heck of a lot of rowing. She is very knowledgeable and has tweaked her club presentation to near perfection. Should be good.

Date: Decemeber 12 , 2019

Speaker:  Jack Neville from Puget Sound Fly Company

Topic: – Jack’s presentation will be on all the parts to our primary piece of equipment, the fly rod that starts at the fly reel spool and ends at the tippet. He’ll bring samples of the various components: Backing, line, leader, tippet, knots (maybe even tippet rings) and will equate them to various seasons and species

Date:  March 11, 2021

Speaker: Ernie Gulley, Stillwater Guide

Topic:  Ernie really has the process and techniques
down for tempting freshwater trout with
chironomids that can account for up to 80% of
a trout’s springtime diet.

He’ll tell us about leader setups, lines, rods and reels, fly patterns and the chironomid life cycle.

Date: February 14, 2021

Speaker: Jacques White

Topic:  Jacques White leads Seattle based nonprofit
“Long Live the Kings,” an organization that is
dedicated to restoring wild salmon and
steelhead as well as supporting sustainable
fishing in Puget Sound and Hood Canal.

Date: January 14, 2021

Speaker: David Paul Williams

Topic:  Small Mouth Bass on the Fly.

Date: December 2020

Speaker: No In-Person Meeting Planned

Topic: –  TBA

Date: November 12, 2020

Speaker: Gene Rivers

Topic: –  Fly Fishing for Kamloops Trout.  Watch for your invitation to the Zoom meeting for this month.

Date: October 2020

Speaker: No In-Person Meeting Planned

Topic: –  TBA

Date: September 10, 2020

Speaker: No In-Person Meeting This Month

Topic: – Watch your e-mail for details of a Zoom online meeting for September!  It will be great to see everyone, even if online, this month as we head into the last months of the year.  

Date: August 2020

Speaker: No Meeting This Month

Topic: – Out of an abundance of caution, respect for tradition, and in keeping with guidance from our public health officials, we are sorry to announce that this month's meeting has been cancelled.  

Date: July 2020

Speaker: No Meeting This Month

Topic: – Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with guidance from our public health officials, we are sorry to announce that this month's meeting has been cancelled.  

Date: July 2020

Speaker: No Meeting This Month

Topic: – Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with guidance from our public health officials, we are sorry to announce that this month's meeting has been cancelled.  

Date: July 2020

Speaker: No Meeting This Month

Topic: – Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with guidance from our public health officials, we are sorry to announce that this month's meeting has been cancelled.  

Date: June 2020

Speaker: No Meeting This Month

Topic: – Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with guidance from our public health officials, we are sorry to announce that this month's meeting has been cancelled.  

Date: May 2020

Speaker: No Meeting This Month

Topic: – Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with guidance from our public health officials, we are sorry to announce that this month's meeting has been cancelled.  

Date: April 9, 2020

Speaker: No Meeting This Month

Topic: – Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with guidance from our public health officials, we are sorry to announce that this month's meeting has been cancelled.  We hope that by next month we are able to resume our normal schedule and that we will see you then.

Date: March 12th 2020

Speaker: No Meeting This Month

Topic: – Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with guidance from our public health officials, we are sorry to announce that this month's meeting has been cancelled.  We hope that by next month we are able to resume our normal schedule and that we will see you then.

Date: February 13, 2020

Speaker: Dennis Beardsley

Topic: – Fly Fishing in Russia.  The Kamchatka Region of Russia's Far East opened up for fishing in the 1990s. There are over 12,000 rivers and streams in Kamchatka that are a little farther south than the trout rivers of Alaska and many are spring creeks.


Skating mouse patterns (Arctic voles) across the surface of these streams/rivers is phenomenally productive. Having only a short time to bulk up for winter, Rainbow Trout make spirited tugs and voracious attacks on topwater mouse patterns. Only reached by helicopter, the northern Kamchatka float trips are wild and not for everyone.


Enjoying the spirit of adventure, Dennis will present the highlights of he and his son's 2019 guided trip that covered approximately 65 river miles through birch forests and wilderness terrain of northern Kamchatka. The excuse was fishing but the experience was a true adventure. Feeling the tug of big Rainbows on a mouse pattern for a week is addicting!

Date: November 14, 2019

Speaker: Rob Crandall

Speaker Bio: – Starting years ago teaching classes and schools with some of Oregon’s finest instructors his ongoing love of fly fishing is evident. Rob has been a licensed Oregon fishing guide since 1992, who grew up on the banks of the Clackamas River. You may have seen him on a number of different shows with Fly fish TV or Columbia Country TV.


Rob is also the past editor of Fly fishing & Tying Journal magazine. Guiding, teaching or tying flies Rob loves to share his knowledge with others passionate about the sport.

Date: October 10, 2019

Speaker: TBA

Topic: – TBA

Date: September 12, 2019

Speaker: Alex Bradberry, from Waters West Fly Shop in Port Angeles Washington

Topic: –   Alex grew up in San Diego, California fishing for Largemouth Bass with her dad, as well as the many species of Trout in the Sierras at her Grandparents’ cabin. Her high school summers were spent fishing Southwestern Colorado, near Durango.


She worked for Orvis at their San Jose store, and made the move to Washington after her love affair with Steelhead and Salmon started, to work at the Gig Harbor Fly Shop. She’s taught intro and intermediate level classes (co-ed and women only), and hates being asked if she fishes.


Alex’s favorite part of working the shop has been custom dying our materials to Dave’s standard. With months of his oversight (and a final thumbs up from the man himself), Alex dyes up the same quality Arctic Fox, Amherst, Rhea, and other materials that Waters West has come to be known for.

Date: August  2019

Speaker: No Meeting - See you in September!

Topic: – MAXimize your Summer Fishing Enjoyment

Date: July 11, 2019

Speaker: Steve Worley

Topic: – : Steve Worley from Worley Bugger Fly Co. in Ellensburg, will talk on wade fishing the Yakima.

Date: June 13, 2019

Speaker: Michael T. Williams

Topic: – “The Magic of Mountain Rivers

Michael T. Williams, a longtime fly fisherman, is a nationally recognized flytier and demonstrator.  He is also a fine art photographer and fly fishing speaker, At this month's meeting will present "The Magic of Mountains Rivers" Mountain Troutin Solitude!

Date: May 9, 2019

Speaker: Kenny Behen

Topic: –  Westside Warm Water Lakes

Kenny is a WDFW Warm Water Fisheries Program Manager for Western Washington. Kenny will bring us up to date on warm water lakes in his part of the state, Western Washington.


As in previous presentations from WDFW folks we will hear a 2019 version of some of the more notable west side lakes, openings, closures, rehabs, angler access, species of fish, fish plants, special regulations and special programs that may be in the works.

Date: April 11, 2019

Speaker: David Dietrich

Topic: Coastal Cutthroat Fishing in Puget Sound – not Hood Canal

April’s club meeting speaker is Captain David Dietrich of Tacoma, Washington. David is the owner of Adventure Angling, a full-time guide service on the Sound. David began guiding walk in trips on the beaches of Puget Sound. Then in 2016 he acquired his captain’s license and a good boat. Most of his time is spent catching Cutthroat in the saltwater, but he also hosts Adventure Camps around Washington throughout the year.


Coastal Cutthroat can be one of the most difficult fish you'll ever try to land. Having the right technique and tackle matters. David will expand on the techniques and tackle needed to be successful during his presentation. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Puget Sound Cutthroat fishing and understand the gear requirements.


David is a father of four and a former linguistics professor. He loves teaching people of all skill levels and experiences the subtle technical nuances that make the difference between fishing and catching.

Date:  March 14, 2019

Speaker:  Glenn Wilson

Topic:  Advanced Fly Tying Techniques

 Many steelhead fly fishers start their angling lives fishing for trout and eventually learn to tie their own trout flies. Then many take the big leap to steelheading and at some point have used techniques they learned on trout flies to tie their own steelhead patterns. Having tied more than all of the classic steelhead flies they could ever use including spey flies – what’s next? More steelhead classics and speys? Eventually it might be to Atlantic salmon flies.


Our March speaker, Glenn Wilson, followed that path and has developed an enviable set of skills for tying flies that now include Atlantics. He has learned a lot from the international salmon fly tying community as well as instruction manuals dating back into the 1800’s. In our March meeting Glenn will demonstrate many of the tricky basics that help assure that you will elevate your level of tying.


We will run a real time video (on the screen) of his presentation and as a genuinely excellent instructor he will demonstrate through the use of four different fly patterns prepared to a level that allows him to show things like the elements of an Atlantic salmon flies; thread control; when and how to use tying wax and cements or varnishes; how to build a tapered body and ribbing; how to mount bronze mallard wings and how to allow enough room for a head with all those feathers that are tied in toward the head.

Date: February 14, 2019

Speaker: Brian O’Keefe

Topic: “Six Northwest Stoneflies” Brian O’Keefe


In the Pacific Northwest we have many clear, cold rivers and streams. That is where stoneflies live, and only where stoneflies live.


From your backyard streams in Washington, then all over Oregon, Idaho and Montana, stoneflies are a very important food for trout. Brian will go into the life cycle of six common, western stoneflies, the imitations, and techniques for fishing stonefly patterns. 

You’ll see lots of cool macro photos, big fish photos and great places to fish. 


Many in the club know Brian and have heard of his life as a fly fishing adventurer. Many have met, listened in on one of his programs or been entertained by Brian’s photography in most of the major sporting magazines. He has been a guide for decades and is now on The Fly Shop’s pro team as a host for international fly fishing trips.  But his home has mostly been in the Northwest and he has studied our fisheries like no other over the last 50 years.  You’re in for a real treat this month.


Date:  January 10, 2019

Speaker: Jeff Delia

Topic: “Tying Flies for Searun Cutthroat Trout in Puget Sound” with Jeff Delia.

Jeff’s program will focus on winter Searun Cutthroat and returning Salmon fishing. He has spent 3 decades developing techniques and an extensive line of flies for Hood Canal pursuits such as Jeff’s Cone Head Squid, the Delia’s Orange, Christmas Candy, Big Fish Fly and the White Ghost.

Jeff is a well-known and avid Sea-Run Cutthroat fisher, fly developer and fly tier who lives in Quilcene, Washington on Northern Hood Canal. One of his articles, “In a Winter Wonderland,” is featured in the 2018 winter issue of Fly Fishing and Tying Journal.


Date:  December 13, 2018

Speaker: Carol Ann Morris

Topic: Carol Ann’s program will be “Fly Fishing Photography 101: How to Capture What You See.”


Date:  November 8, 2018

Speaker: Jeffrey Summit, Fish and Wildlife Officer, WDFW, Law Enforcement Program

Topic:  Jeff will tell us about how his department works and will have some interesting examples of run-ins.


Date:  October 11, 2018

Speaker: Len Zickler, President/CEO of Fly Fishers International (FFI)

Topic: Len Zickler has spent the last three years focused on answering questions what’s in it for me, why should I join FFI?


Len will discuss some of the initiatives FFI is pursuing in the areas of conservation, education and building our community of fly anglers. He will also welcome your questions.


Date:  September 13, 2018

Speaker: Chester Allen

Topic: Western Washington Bass Lakes

Most of Western Washington is dotted with little lakes. They're everywhere. Just about all of them have large populations of largemouth or smallmouth bass. Yeah, Washington is steelhead country, but these lakes are fishable before work, after work and even on your lunch break.

The best news of all is that many of these lakes get very little fishing pressure. Look at a map of the Northwest. Yeah, you see lots of lakes all over the place, and, yeah, those lakes usually have bass.

There is no better way to have an hour or so of fun almost every day than to fly fish your local bass lake. You'll need some special flies and tactics, but your heavy trout rod -- a 6 weight or 7 weight will work. And all that casting practice will set you up nicely for the weekend trips to the Yakima River or your favorite steelhead run.

Date:  August 2018

Speaker: No Meeting

Topic: PSFF Annual Picinic

Watch for details to be announced


Date:  July 12, 2018

Speaker: Bill Herzog

Topic: Bill Herzog Puget Sound area native, noted author, KIRO radio personality and guide Bill Herzog will share a program on “Fly fishing the Snake River.”


Many members will recognize him from the time he worked behind the counter at Sportco. His name has been synonymous with Steelhead fishing in the northwest and he now calls Wenatchee his home.


Date:  June 14, 2018

Speaker: Jay Paulson

Topic: The Titanic Slider Fly.  PSFF member and owner of Amazing Flies, Jay Paulson will talk about his Titanic series of flies the key element of which is a clever foam “hull.”


The allure is that they relieve some of the monotony in that they work best when moving. They have proven very effective for trout, bass, panfish, searuns, steelhead, tiamen and golden dorado.


Jay will talk about the problem he used as a catalyst for developing the series and will walk us through details ablut the uses and techniques for fishing them.


Date:  May 10, 2018

Speaker: Bruce Bolding

Topic: Washington State is home to over a dozen species of game fish categorized as “warmwater species”, from bass and walleye, to catfish and panfish, such as yellow perch and bluegill.


Although none of them are native to Washington, all of these fish offer very popular recreational opportunities, which represent millions of dollars annually in economic benefit across the state. Warmwater fish are widespread and can be found in hundreds of lakes throughout Washington, so there is always an opportunity for fun near you.


Bruce Bolding, Warmwater Fish Program Manager for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will bring the club up to date on the program he oversees. J


Date:  April 12, 2018

Speaker: Matt Paluch

Topic: Matt Paluch will be with us sharing his knowledge about Park Lake and the surrounding waters in preparation for the Park Lake outing in May.  Matt has given a presentation each of the last two years at the Park Lake outing, This year everyone will get to hear what he has to say!


Date:  March 8, 2018

Speaker:  James Losee

Topic: James Losee, South Puget Sound Fish Biologist for the Washington Department of Fish and Game
(WDFW) will update the club on the Puget Sound Coastal Cutthroat Project.


He last visited us at our February, 2016, meeting where he introduced the relatively new research project. A lot of work that has been done by the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition and the WDFW and the recap of progress to date is very


Date: February 8, 2018

Speaker: John Shewey

Topic: John Shewey is an Oregon-based veteran steelhead fly angler, journalist, photographer, author, and noted fly tier whose elegant steelhead flies have earned national prominence.


The editor-in- chief of the Northwest Fly Fishing magazine group, John has penned hundreds of articles and authored more than a dozen books. Timed to pull us out of the mid-winter doldrums, he will present his program, “Confessions of a Swinger: Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead.”


From May through the end of autumn, depending on specific run timings in specific rivers, summer steelhead are on the move in the Pacific Northwest, and anglers claim their share of a legacy that spans decades, a legacy of pursuing these noble fish with flies. The art and passion that enshrouds steelhead fly fishing afflicts countless devotees, forming an addiction that borders on religion. In his most popular program, longtime steelhead angling enthusiast John Shewey takes you on a stirring journey of discovery, delving into the techniques and flies and rivers and attitudes that compose this regal sport.


Date: January 11, 2018

Speaker: Jack W. Berryman, Ph.D

Topic: Jack W. Berryman, Ph.D., noted fly fishing author and angling historian, will present an illustrated lecture titled: “Three Steelhead Fly Fishing Pioneers in the Northwest: Tommy Brayshaw, Enos Bradner, and Roderick Haig-Brown.”


Jack is a former columnist for Northwest Fly Fishing and Salmon Trout Steelheader and has published more than 300 articles and photographs in a wide variety of travel, adventure, and fishing magazines. His book, Fly-Fishing Pioneers & Legends of the Northwest, won the Best Book Award from the Outdoor Writers Association of America in 2007.


He is the past recipient of the Tommy Brayshaw Award from the Washington Fly Fishing Club and the Roderick Haig-Brown Literary Award from Fly Fishers International. Jack is past president of the Wild Steelhead Coalition and current trustee. Signed copies of his award-winning book will be available.


Date: December 14, 2017

Speaker: John Hicks and Paul Huston

Topic: December's program will feature John Hicks, owner of Sea Run Pursuits and Vice President of the Olympia chapter of Trout Unlimited and his partner Paul Huston.  They will talk about Winter Steelheading on the Olympic Peninsula


Date: November 19, 2017

Speaker: Gene Jackson 

Topic:  Lake Chelan and Surrounding Fishing Locations


An overview of research and the results of Spring, Summer, and Fall trips to fish in Lake Chelan and other bodies of water in that area.  I will explain my decision to target “warm water” fish, and why I had to change locations numerous times to get away from Trout and other fish.  In addition to the type of fish targeted, I will go over how I chose when and where to fish, what the results were of each trip, and what I would do differently if the future.  This presentation will also breakdown the pros and cons of each season.


As part of the presentation I will review various lake details including ramp qualities, available parking, and lake depths. I will also cover locations that worked for us on the various bodies we fished and what flies, crank baits, plastics, and the specific rigging that worked best for us.  And finally I will share lessons learned, including best times of day to fish, frustrations with locals, and  great eating and drinking locations.


My goal for this presentation is to provide members enough information to organize their own trip to fish the Lake Chelan area.  The quality fishing, great weather, and relatively close proximity make a trip to this area a “must do in 2018”!


Date: October 12, 2017

Speaker: Al Schmauder

Topic:  How Can We Help Conserve Chambers and Clover Creeks 


Al Schmauder, VP of Chambers, Clover Creek Watershed Alliance will tell us about the current state of this watershed and the two creeks that mean so much to so many in Pierce County.  As was done by our club over 35 years ago on Clover Creek we may get an opportunity to help protect a local stream.  At the very least we will be educated on the watersheds geography, problems/opportunities and the current plans for protection.

Date: September 2017

Speaker: Captain Justin Waters

Topic: Why is Hood Canal such a Great Sea Run Cutthroat Fishery?


Captain Justin Waters, owner of All-Waters Fly Fishing spends about 150-200 days a year with clients on our own Hood Canal. He’s endlessly surprised at what an underutilized and amazing fishery it is. From its diversity in seasons to the amazing amount of bait, this wild and scenic fishery is accessible and leaves you feeling remote. Come learn why he believes Hood Canal to be the best Sea Run Cutthroat fishery in the world.

Date: August 2017

Speaker: Club Picnic

Topic: No Meeting in August.  Come to the picnic instead!

Date: July 13, 2017

Speaker: Darrel Martin

Topic: The River Itchen 


This program reveals the beauty and grace of the River Itchen in southern England. This true chalk stream (remember the white cliffs of Dover) has been fished by the great anglers of the past. Along with the River Test (the King), it is a lovely, soft stream in central, southern England.with water as clear as gin. Here is history's classical fly fishing. Here is the Danica, the Mayfly that virtually created dry fly-fishing for the English.


Darrel Martin, a native Washingtonian, is a retired teacher of English and author of a pile of books on fly-fishing. He is a recipient of the Roderick Hague-Brown award for angling writing and the WSCFFF award for fly tying. For over a decade he was a Contributing Editor for Fly Rod & Reel magazine.

Date: June 8, 2017

Speaker: Gary Marston

Topic: Hood Canal Steelhead Studies


June's program will focus on steelhead studies done for Hood Canal presented by Gary Marston, fisheries biologist for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The program will outline their process including  the taking of all kinds of DNA samples, tagging fish, and finding how many were going to see and the biology of the fish in hood canal. 


In addition to Gary's work with the state he is currently wrapping up his Master’s Degree at the University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences on steelhead and rainbow trout interactions on the Olympic Peninsula.


Gary is an avid fly fisherman and tier and previously worked and guided for the Gig Harbor Fly Shop. He also hosts a website which details his quest to catch of the native trout and salmon species in North America.

Date: May 11, 2017

Speaker: Thomas Lamphere

Topic: Fishing Lakes in Eastern Washington


The May program features our member, Thomas Lamphere and is on fishing lakes in eastern Washington, including techniques that can be used virtually anywhere not just over there.  He will cover everything from fishing Chironomids for trout and even how to deep line them, to a little about chasing smallmouth and throwing streamers for larger trout. Also, he might give a little side talk on how to catch crawfish. 

Date: April 13, 2017

Speaker: Anil Srivastava

Topic: Fly Fishing Destinations on the Cheap


It’s no secret that fly fishing can be expensive. Fly fishing travel is typically no exception. Unfortunately, many anglers let the prices of high end lodges deter them from taking ‘bucket list’ trips that are often available at much lower prices. Sure you won’t get fine wine and steak, but Anil Srivastava (owner of Puget Sound Fly Company) will share some tips for getting out there and experiencing that fly fishing trip of a lifetime with almost any budget.

Date: March 9, 2017

Speaker: David Paul Williams

Topic: Stuff Fish Eat


The big three—mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies— get all the publicity, but it’s all the other stuff that make up the trout diet on any given day. This presentation covers the food items that may only make up 10% of the drift but 80% of the diet. Knowing about chironomids, scuds, leeches, dragons and more will greatly improve every flyfisher’s catch rate.


David Paul Williams caught his first trout while Ike was President and still admires these lovely fish. Author of Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth (Stackpole Books), he has written for numerous magazines including Fly Fisherman, American Angler, Northwest Fly Fishing, Fly Fusion, Flyfishing & Tying Journal, Bassmaster, Salmon-Trout-Steelheader, Salmon Steelhead Journal, Backpacker, Northwest Travel, Seattle Magazine. He is a Department Editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal, the "In The Field" editor for WashingtonOregon Game & Fish magazine and gives entertaining media presentations to fishing clubs and outdoor organizations.


He is a demonstration fly tier and speaker at numerous fly fishing expos and sportsmen’s shows around the Northwest. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Fly Fishers and Editor-In-Chief of Flyfisher magazine as well as secretary of the Washington Council IFFF. To learn more, go to

Date: February 9, 2017

Speaker: Charles St. Pierre

Topic: Spey Casting for Steelhead on the Olympic Penninsula


The name Charles St. Pierre has a way of coming up in conversations at local fly shops. Since 1998 when he started Northwest Speycasting our speaker has been one of the key spey casting authorities in our area. He'll share with us his vast knowledge of Olympic Peninsula Steelheading, from timing and location to fly selection and spey technique. As an excellent teacher we are in for a special experience.

Date: January 12, 2016

Speaker: Chad Brown - Soul River

Topic: Chad will share with us the story about the trip he and his board organized an outing for 12 inner -city youth, 7 veterans and four volunteers to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge for what was called Arctic Circle/Alaska, Cross-Cultural Science Exploration Youth and Veterans. He’ll share details of the experience and update us on the Soul River organizations.

Date: December 8, 2016

Speaker: John Gussman

Topic: "Return of the River"


Movie Night!  December's program will be a screening of the "Return of the River," a story of the history and recovery of the Elwah River. John Gussman, Co-director and cinematographer will present the film for us and answer questions.

Date: October 13, 2016

Speaker: Chuck Tye

Topic:  Project Healing Waters 2-Fly Event


On September 10th, Project Healing Waters, Northwest, held its 6th annual 2 Fly event on the Yakima River. Twenty three donated drift boats and rowers made it possible for 23 veterans to enjoy a day fishing the state’s prime trophy trout stream. Veterans and participants came from Seattle, American Lake, Ft. Lewis, Walla Walla, Spokane and Vancouver, Washington as well as Portland, Salem and Bend, Oregon.


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc., is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings.


Chuck Tye, Project Healing Waters NW Regional Coordinator and former PSFF club president will share the story of this outstanding activity at the October meeting of Puget Sound Flyfishers.

Date: September 8, 2016

Speaker: Bob Triggs

Topic:  Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthoat Trout

For September's program we will be entertained by Bob Triggs, member and owner of Little Stone Flyfisher Guide Service in Port Townsend.


He last presented "Playing and Landing Big Fish" in December of 2014. 


 His topic will be fly fishing for sea-run Coastal Cutthroat trout.

Date: August 11, 2016

Speaker: None

No Meeting.  See you at the Picnic!


We will honor our tradition of not having a meeting in August.  Instead we will gather for our annual picnic.  Keep an eye out for details.

Date: July 14, 2016

Speaker: Jason Borger

Topic:  Approach and Presentation Strategies for Trout


Jason Borger grew up in the world of fly fishing, and has been involved in fly-fishing education and the industry in general for much of his life.


His work in the study and teaching of fly casting has lead to his involvement as a fly-fishing consultant and double for commercials and films, including A River Runs Through It and The River Why. Jason has contributed articles to magazines such as "Fly Fish America," "Fly Fisherman" and "Fly Rod & Reel," as well as numerous international publications. Jason also co-founded the Fly Casting Institute, which is dedicated to advancing the science, medicine and art of fly casting.


His J.Borger Fly Fishing brand produces gear and media focused on education and lifestyle.


In addition to his angling background, Jason has a professional history in illustration and production graphic design, as well as a degree in film and television production and theory.

Date: June 9, 2016

Speaker: Molly Semenik​

Topic: Small Stream Fishing Strategies and Wildlife Safety 

Our speaker, Molly Semenik’s business, “Tie the Knot Fly Fishing,” focuses on: observing the environment,

understanding the food source, how and why fish eat, where they live, how to present a fly and how to

catch and release a fish. Her business is about learning patience, careful observation skills and the art of fly fishing.


This month Molly will share content from her new book, “25 Best Off-The- Beaten Path Montana Fly Fishing Streams,” where she will zero in on small stream fishing strategies, wildlife safety (how to avoid a trip ending injury) and locating and fishing a pod of rising fish - sipping midges and/or Blue Winged Olives.


Molly has been fly fishing for over 40 years and has developed a respected skill set as a guide, outfitter,

member of the International Federation of Fly Fishers Board of Governors and Board of Directors,

Certified Master Casting Instructor, teacher and author.


She is respected throughout the American fly

fishing world and her advice and techniques are included in several fly fishing books and videos. She can be seen sharing her special love for casting at many of the northwest fly fishing shows.

Date: April 14, 2016

Speaker: Thomas and Rueben Lamphere

Topic: Streamers!

Thomas and Rueben Lamphere will be our April regular meeting presenters.  They will show us how to choose the proper flies to create a streamer fly box that can be used for any type of water we might want to fish.  This program will be linked to a Saturday fly tying class and a streamside demonstration of how and when to fish these streamers.  It should be quite an informative

three part stream-of-learning.

Date: March 10, 2016

Speaker:  Dean Childs and Chuck Tye

Topic: After meeting with individuals unable to enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of fly fishing and fly tying due to a lost limb, trauma, or brain injury Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations (OPFI) was formed. Dean Childs and Chuck Tye, OPFI board members, have helped lead the development, along with several other dedicated volunteers, of two unique and adaptive creations that allow individuals with certain of these limitations to participate in fly fishing and fly tying. The Casting Partner allows an individual to cast and fish with one arm or one hand. And the Evergreen Hand converts a traditional fly tying vise into a onehanded fly tying tool which has helped some regain mobility and dexterity as well as enjoying the art of crafting flies. Their products are distributed by OPFI (, the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF), and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) FREE OF CHARGE to those in need. These gentlemen will not only describe their creations but will demonstrate their use.

Date: February 11, 2016

Speaker:  James Losee

Topic:  James Losee, South Puget Sound Fish Biologist for Washington Department of Fish and Game (WDFW) Inland Fish Program, will talk about his research focused on Coastal Cutthroat Trout in Puget Sound and associated management strategies.



Date: January 14, 2016

Speaker: Dick Streater

Topic:  Fishing Can be Funny!


Freshwater Hall of Fame member, Dick Streater, will present his “Fishing Can Be Funny” program. He is 

a nationally recognized, published authority on antique lures and tackle, and will be giving his highly 

acclaimed talk based on gadgets and inventions of the past 50 years.


He has found the funny side of trying to outwit all those very smart fishes and has been referred to as “The Henny Youngman of Fishing Lures.” The proper use of snapping hooks, spring loaded casting rods, shooting and folding landing nets, hand crank small boat motors and dynamite lures (Dupont Spinners?) are just a few of the many wonders from his extensive collection to be demonstrated.  


Perhaps he’ll also have time to share a 1930’s era silent video featuring salmon fishing in small boats by the TYEE CLUB of Campbell River, BC, Canada. “Ole 

and Sven” will also be telling a couple of fishing jokes. Attendees are encouraged to bring any old tackle 

items for identification and value.


Date: December 10, 2015

Speaker: Heather Hodson

Topic:  A woman’s perspective on fly fishing

Summary: Over the years more and more women have become fly fishers. The feeling though is that many more women have an interest in fly fishing but have never taken the initial step to get out there. It is also true that in a male dominated sport such as fly fishing there are opportunities to level the playing field a bit. To that end Heather will share “The Women's Perspective on Fly Fishing.” The program will include a brief history of women in fly fishing, statistics of women anglers, equipment and clothing design for women, overcoming the intimidation factor, safety on the water, communication through social media and the success of Spokane Women on the Fly (now affiliated with the Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited Chapter). Ms. Hodson works very hard to be able to play even harder. She juggles three nursing jobs in Spokane, leads a fly fishing club, is an active marathon runner, teaches fly fishing classes, designs flies, maintains a blog site and is being mentored to become certified as a fly casting instructor. Having started fly fishing in 2008 she spent over 100 days in the last year on rivers in Washington, Idaho and Montana. Her enthusiasm for the sport and Spokane Women on the Fly is unquestionable.

Date: November 12, 2015

Speaker: Aaron O'Leary

Topic:  Reading Where the Steelhead Travel

Summary: Aaron O’Leary, owner of Angler’s Obsession, out of Forks, Washington, will describe his unique approach to reading water for steelhead, as well as talking about the how, when and where of fishing Olympic Peninsula (OP) rivers.


Aaron has guided for Steelhead, Salmon and trout for 7 years in Alaska and New Zealand and has spent the last eight years developing a successful business of his own.


His program will cover his unique views on reading water (holding water, running lanes, fish traps, etc.) for half of the presentation, then will talk about flies, swinging techniques and strategies, nymphing and flies and finally the OP rivers.


Aaron was a featured speaker at the Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show with a well-attended crowd that was quite pleased with what they saw and heard.


Date: October 8, 2015

Speaker: Larry Phillips, WDFW

Topic:  Management of Local Lakes

Summary: Larry Phillips, Inland Fish Program Manager for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, will describe how local lakes are managed. It should be quite interesting and useful to the membership given the heavy emphasis our club places on lake fishing. We hope to have him tell us how we can engage in some sort of project benefitting local lakes.

Date: September 10, 2015

Speaker: Anil Srivastava

Topic:  Fly Fishing Puget Sound for Coho Salmon

Summary: Anil Srivastava, owner of Puget Sound Fly Company here in Tacoma, will present a program about fly fishing for Coho in Puget Sound.


Anil has a unique gift for this art of ours which he has honed working in the fly fishing industry for 18 

years as a guide, travel host, author, speaker and shop owner.


Oh, and let’s not forget the recreational 

piscatorial pursuits.  His interests range from ‘big game’ saltwater species to Brook Trout and has chased fish from Australia to India to the Bahamas to Renton.


This month he will help us understand how, where and when to fish for both juvenile and adult 

Coho from local beaches as well as from boats and personal watercraft.

Date: August, 2015

Speaker: No Meeting

Topic:  See you at the picnic!

Date: July 9, 2015

Speaker: Marc Williamson

Topic:  Fly Fishing Central Oregon's Lakes and Rivers


Marc Williamson of Fall River Fly Fishing, out of Scappoose, Oregon, will demonstrate his extensive

knowledge of Central Oregon fishing opportunities.


He has spent the past thirty years in the fly fishing industry developing a deep understanding of all the elements of this often challenging sport. Combine this practical experience with a natural affinity for teaching (a 45 year educator as Teacher, Principle, Assistant Superintendent and Professor of Education) and you have a program that really gets the message across. He’ll be covering reading and fishing Central Oregon Lakes and Rivers including the Crooked River and the Fall River.


You might ask why an Oregon Guide. Many members

of our club will be attending the International Federation of Fly Fishers’ 2015 International Fly Fishing Fair celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary in Bend, Oregon, on August 13th, 14th and 15th. Marc’s presentation will help us plan for our spare time while in Central Oregon.


Beyond Mr. Williamson’s classic teaching and guiding

his special project for the past 20 years has been as co -founder and Director of Northwest Christian Fly Fishing Inc., an organization that conducts an annual

Christian Fly Fishing Roundup touching up to 90 men



Date: June 11, 2015

Speaker: Steve Saville

Topic:  Fly Fishing for Pink Salmon

Summary:  Join us at the next regular meeting of Puget Sound Flyfishers on Thursday, June 11th, where the program will feature lifelong Tacoma and Dash Point resident Steve Saville. The presentation will focus on the upcoming Pink Salmon run normally occurring during the months of August and September.


Steve has been fishing for salmon on Puget Sound since the late 1950’s where he walked the docks of Tacoma angling for resident Coho and Blackmouth salmon. Over the past twelve years one of his favorite fly fishing opportunities has been the semi-annual Pink salmon run when he primarily fishes from the many beach locations in the Tacoma area.


Steve has been fly fishing for more than thirty years and has traveled to New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico to pursue his hobby. But during the months of August and September, on any “Pink” year, you will most likely find him on the beaches of Dash Point and Browns Point, his favorite haunts for Pink Salmon.


The presentation will include run projections, tactics, and locations in addition to nutritional facts and before and after catch recommendations if one chooses to keep the catch. It will also include equipment choices, fly selection, and handling of fish whether catch and release or catch and keep preferences apply to the individual angler.


Date: May 14, 2015

Speaker: Ruben and Thomas Lamphere

Topic:  Warm Water Fishing Techniques

Summary: May's presentation will feature fellow club members Thomas and Ruben Lamphere, focusing on fishing warm water species.


They will share technique, timing and gear, starting from small panfish to bass, walleye, then on to carp.


Our main ways to fish for bass and panfish will concentrate mostly on poppers. How to target them in their holding locations and finding bass throughout the summer.


Then we will move to walleye in eastern Washington. Best ways to find them and the most productive patterns.


After walleye we will cover the best ways to chase the Broke man's Bonefish - Carp, from both wade fishing and from a boat as well as how to sneak up on these massive fish without scaring them into the depths. 

Date: April 9, 2015

Speaker: Derek Young

Topic:  Yakima River Headwaters

Summary:  The Yakima River is Washington’s “Blue Ribbon” trout stream with 70 miles of special-regulations water between the town of Easton and Roza Dam.  The catch and release protections maintain strong cutthroat and rainbow trout populations. Throughout the remainder of the 203 mile Yakima system there’s competition for the river’s cold, clean water. From a fisheries standpoint the lower system supports salmon, bull char, steelhead, and other game fish.  


On the other hand agriculture is a significant economic driver and farmers and ranchers wait out the winter, closely watching the snowpack and reservoir levels, as eagerly as anglers watch water temperatures and bug hatches. Trout Unlimited Chapters have sprouted up throughout the west as circumstances dictated the need to care for fisheries’ interests. With all of the competing needs in the Yakima River basin a similar opportunity for a shared management approach  has led to a new Trout Unlimited group – the Yakima River Headwaters Chapter. 


Derek Young, President of the new chapter and owner of Emerging Rivers Guide Services, will present a vision for the future of the river and the communities it flows through, sharing the goals and projects that the group has developed. Based in Upper Kittitas County, the Chapter has a focus on protecting the river from the top down, not just the upper 70 mile stretch.  He will also share some of the piscatorial opportunities in the area.


Mr. Young has been guiding on the Yakima River for the last seven years. His passion for developing new fly fishers or helping to add to the skills of the experienced through on stream application resulted in his being named Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year in 2011. Along with his wife of 20 years, Annie, a high school aged son and a daughter studying Wildlife Biology at University of Montana, Derek lives in Snoqualmie, WA.

Date: March12, 2015

Speaker: Walter Hodges

Topic:  Wildlife Photography with a “Fishy” Twist 

Summary:  These days, to one degree or another, we’re all photographers. Regardless of whether we’re serious about photography and use a complex camera, or if we’re just having fun using a cellphone to take a photo of our grand kids fishing, it’s basically all the same. We’re all trying to communicate using images. For our March program, Walter Hodges, a Puget Sound Flyfishers member and Gig Harbor based commercial photographer and writer, will show and tell us about what we can do to get that next terrific image. Walter is a lifelong fly fisherman and has been in business since 1970. In 2010, along with a partner, Walter started an online magazine that was the first of its kind. It presented fly fishing as a foundation of the much wider experience of travel, culture, art, history, food and drink. Walter served as the Creative Director of Ten & Two, The Angler’s Journey and did a majority of the writing and photography for the first six issues. Having gone online to look at the magazine I can tell you that it feels spacious, clean and comfortable. I encourage you to take a look. Sharing techniques, hints, aids and tips is much easier when you have something to which the audience can relate.

Date: February 12, 2015

Speaker: Barry Berejikian

Topic:  Conservation hatcheries to support steelhead recovery in Hood Canal (and how you can help)

Summary:  Puget Sound Fly Fishers member Barry Berejikian is a Research Fish Biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service.  His research team is developing techniques to maximize benefits of hatchery programs on natural populations of salmon and steelhead, while minimizing unintended risks.


Barry's team and a host of state, tribal, federal agencies and non-profit organizations are working collaboratively to understand the life history, ecology, and population dynamics of Hood Canal steelhead and monitoring the effects of conservation hatcheries on natural populations.


Barry will discuss what has been learned to date and what the group hopes to accomplish over 

the next 8 years of the study.  Barry has been fly fishing lakes, rivers, and streams since the age of 6, and much more recently has taken to chasing cutthroat around beaches of southern Puget Sound.


He will discuss angling opportunities in Hood Canal with conservation in mind, and how PSFF anglers can assist the conservation efforts by sharing information and experiences.

Date: January 8, 2015

Speaker: Chad Brown

Topic:  “Social Consciousness Means Business”

Summary:   Few people can speak to the healing powers of rivers as well, or as passionately, as 

Chad Brown a decorated Navy veteran, who received multiple battlefield honors even though struggling daily for years with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


In coping with the fallout from his military trauma’s Chad found a way to marry his passion with his work, founding Portland’s first urban outdoor lifestyle apparel brand inspired by fly fishing, Soul River Runs Deep and non-profit Soul River Inc. connecting veterans fighting PTSD and Inner city youth to the outdoors through fly fishing.


Chad has spoken on Capital Hill, Washington DC and at (NCTC) National Conservation Training Center in Virginia as a leader and advocate for innercity youth and veterans through his partnership with US Fish and Wildlife connecting youth and vets to nature 

through flyfishing.


“Social Consciousness Means Business: Developing a small start-up company to implement big community change” will focus on where the concept of Soul River originated, how flyfishing has been a healing ground for Chad, while leveraging local, 

state, and federal resources to aid in providing opportunities for some of our community’s most vulnerable and needy citizens (youth and veterans), and how others can join in/support the cause.

Date: December 11, 2014

Speaker: Bob Triggs

Topic:  "Fish On! Playing and landing big fish on the flyrod”

Summary:  Puget Sound Fly Fishers welcomes guide, conservationist, and wild fish enthusiast Bob Triggs who will share his techniques for playing and landing big fish on the flyrod. Based on the book "Fish On!" by Dr Floyd Franke, this presentation is a discussion of how fly rods work when playing and landing big fish, and how we can improve our chances of landing the fish of a lifetime. Practical demonstrations of technique, mistakes, and how to optimize rod design during the fight will be presented.


We’ll let Bob introduce himself:


“I moved to the Olympic Peninsula from New England in the fall of 2000, after several previous seasons of Alaska guiding. I had lived in New York and New England for most of my life, where I was a lifetime outdoorsman, fly fisherman, boatman and, in later years I became a fly fishing Guide. But As Yukon poet Robert Service once said: "The North has got him". And so it is with me and Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest. After moving to Port Townsend and the Olympic Peninsula I still guided In Alaska, and then on Kamchatka Russia. I have been exploring; fly fishing for Wild Sea-Run Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Wild Rainforest Winter and Summer Steelhead, Pacific Salmon, river and lake trout and char, and teaching flycasting and guiding fly fishers on the Washington Olympic Peninsula waters ever since. I am active in many conservation efforts and regional fisheries enhancement projects, and I donate time to the organizations who are working to restore, conserve and protect our wild fisheries and aquatic and marine habitats.”


Follow and Contact Bob: 






Telephone: 360-385-9618

Date: November 13, 2014

Speaker: John McMillian

Topic:  Fighting to Save Wild Steelhead

Summary:  John McMillian will speak about a new initiative from Trout Unlimited on November 13 at the monthly meeting of the Puget Sound Fly Fishers in Tacoma, Washington.  We will get a sneak peak at this new project that is scheduled to roll out soon. The meeting is open to the public and is free.


Trout Unlimited will soon launch the Wild Steelhead Initiative, an ambitious and hopeful project to protect and restore the wild steelhead and the incredible fishing opportunities they provide throughout their native range in Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. 


Hear about the initiative first hand from John McMillan, TU’s representative in Washington at the November 13 meeting of Puget Sound Fly Fishers. John and his father Bill co-authored May the Rivers Never Sleep, their life-long accounts of plying Western waters exploring the biological umbilical cord tethering us to rivers and their watersheds. John and Bill were also featured prominently in Shane Anderson’s recent video Wild Reverence, a film about wild steelhead’s last stand.


The heart of the Initiative will be a new community, Wild Steelheaders United, which is being established to inform, organize and activate anglers (regardless of preferred gear type) — and anyone who cares about these incredible fish — to protect and recover wild steelhead. In short, Wild Steelheaders United is a home to anyone who believes in the common quest to protect these fish and the incredible fishing opportunities they provide.


The Initiative will focus on river systems that have high potential to support robust, fishable wild steelhead populations, while accepting that properly managed steelhead hatcheries may be appropriate to provide fishing and harvest opportunity in rivers that no longer have the capacity to support wild steelhead. The Initiative will address both habitat protection/restoration and steelhead policy and management so that all of the “Hs” (habitat (including hydro), hatcheries, and harvest) are aligned so that wild steelhead can thrive.


Date:  October 9, 2014

Speaker: Greg Bulkey 

Topic:  How to Turn a Degraded River Into a Premier Fly Fishing Destination

Summary:  Greg will tell us about a successful habitat restoration project that he spearheaded to restore and improve native fish habitat in Southern Oregon.  This project was accomplished in a political and social environment that traditionally did not support habitat protection. 


Greg’s story is one of successfully bringing together private and tribal interests,  multiple layers of federal, state and local government agencies, as well as NGO’s together into a cooperative collaboration to accomplish meaningful habitat restoration.  Greg’s story of success in a complex social and political environment is one that has obvious application to our region.


Greg Bulkley is former academic surgeon who retired to a ranch in the South Central Oregon high desert about a decade ago.  Working with Sue Mattenberger of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services in Klamath Falls, he has undertaken an extensive restoration of the watershed surrounding the five miles of trout streams on his ranch, generating one of the finest habitats for quite large, wild brown and native redband trout.  


This effort has involved extensive collaboration with a number of federal, state, and non-government organizations, as well as the Klamath Country Fly Casters, the Oregon 


Council of the International Federation of Fly Fishers, and the national IFFF to secure the needed planning, engineering, funding, and execution of these projects.  


Situated in a rural, traditional cattle ranching area that has suffered from great environmental degradation in the past, the success of the work on his Black Drake Ranch has been recognized at a state and national level.  


Of greater importance, however, is the influence this success has had upon neighboring ranches: working closely with Sue, the Klamath Country Fly Casters, and many other collaborators, this work has extended widely into the Klamath Basin as a whole so that currently over 43 contiguous miles of the Sprague River and its spring creek tributaries are under restoration, not only on public lands, but on private lands previously not hospitable to such efforts.


Greg will speak about the great dry fly fishing available in the Klamath Basin, about their restoration effort, on how to build teams to do this sort of work, and most importantly, how to leverage relatively small financial contributions from fly fishing clubs like ours into massive projects approaching seven figures in cost and of corresponding environmental impact.

Date:  September 11, 2014

Speaker: Chester Allen 

Topic:  Searun Cutthroat

Summary: Chester Allen began fly fishing for Puget Sound's sea-run cutthroat back in 1996. He hooked a nice fish on his very first outing, which was on a nude beach. He went back the next day, and the tide was out, and all that remained were more naked people and black tidal mud. He decided to spend the summer learning all about sea-run cutts.


Now, 18 years later, he's still learning. He has learned the importance of learning to use a tide table, noticing what the trout are eating -- and being willing to fish his brains out, even at the risk of wrecking his journalism career.


Chester, the author of "Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat," a blogger, a writer for The Drake and a professional editor, will talk about how to find good sea-run cutthroat beaches, how to fish them, how to use the tide tables, cutthroat conservation  and how to not drop a backcast while fishing at a nude beach.

Date:  July 10, 2014

Speaker: Bruce Bolding 

Topic:  Fly Fishing for Warm Water Species

Summary:  Bruce Bolding, Warmwater Fish Specialist, WDFW will talk about the growing popularity of fly fishing for warmwater fish, such as bass, crappie, bluegill and even carp, walleye and tiger muskie.


He will show two videos recently produced which cover fly fishing for smallmouth bass and tiger muskie and will talk about the WDFW searchable database called Fish Washington, which provides 

information on fishing opportunities across the state. He will also outline options for fishing around the greater Pierce County area.

Date:  June 12, 2014

Speaker: David Paul Williams

Topic:  Smallmouth Bass for Washington Anglers

Summary:  David Paul Williams loves fishing for smallmouth bass. He loves fishing for all kinds of fish. In fact, he started fishing before he started kindergarten and spends time tossing flies anywhere there are fish. Williams has caught mackinaw in a September Wyoming mountain snowstorm, tricked Firehole River brown trout, hooked all five Pacific salmon species on a fly, done battle with "Mississippi steelhead," (that’s carp to those in the know) and worn out his wrist on Yakima River smallmouth. He is the author of Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth (Stackpole Books) hitting the market July, 2014.


He will be presenting a program for PSFF members and the public on targeting smallmouth bass on the Yakima River and Banks Lake on Thursday, June 12 at 6pm, Tower Lanes Entertainment Center, 6th Ave., Tacoma.

Date: May 8, 2014

Speaker: Charles St. Pierre

Topic:  Steelhead Fishing and Spey Casting

Summary:  Learn About Speycasting for Steelhead & Salmon. Charles returns to the PSFF for another entertaining and information packed presentation.


Charles began his steelhead fishing at 8 years of age and picked up the double handed spey rod 20 years ago and has never looked back. He is a member of the Pro Staff at Sage, Rio, and Redington, is a contract fly tier for Solitude Flies, and teaches speycasting to individuals and groups throughout Western North America.


Learn about this “greased line” technique of presenting the fly, the most challenging and rewarding form of freshwater fishing.

Date: April 10, 2014

Speaker: Thomas Lamphire

Topic:Tiger Muskie, the Manufactured Monster

Summary:  Learn how to target this in-bred, I mean cross-bred, beast lurking in the shallows of many local lakes.


Puget Sound Fly Fishers member Thomas Lamphere has tackled with these freshwater barracuda at Mayfield, Tapps and Evergreen lakes and has tips to get you into them as well. Thomas will cover the history of this government designed fish (now that is a truly scary concept!), the equipment needed to target them, how and where to spot their preferred cover, their prey, and safety procedures to keep your body out of harms way from those nasty teeth.


Thomas Lamphere began fly fishing and tying at 6 years of age and tied professionally by 18. He is the owner of Beach-Men Fly Tying and works at Fish Hunter Enterprises, a fly tying material supply house. He fishes for any fish that will eat a fly from trout to bass, steelhead, crappie, bluegill, and of course, Tigers! His tying skills are legendary and he is reaching his 100,000th fly.

Date: March 13, 2014

Speaker: Leland Miyawaki

Topic:  Fishing Dries for Searuns and Coho

Summary:  Almost 15 years ago, Leland tied up his first "Miyawaki Beach Popper." It is a surface fly that Leland casts off the Puget Sound and British Columbia beaches to catch wild coastal cutthroat and coho salmon on his 6wt rod.


Leland fishes and guides on the local Puget Sound beaches for searun coastal cutthroat with his surface fly exclusively – the "Miyawaki Beach Popper."


He also loves ditching his fleece and waders to fly south for bonefish and permit. He is a fairly accomplished speycaster and without too much of a push, would chuck it all and become a steelhead bum.


He is currently works part-time at the Orvis store in Bellevue, Washington.


Bonus!: Leland will demonstrate tying his Miyawaki Popper before the meeting starting at 5:30.  Come early to watch the creator tie this fly.

Date: February 13, 2014

Speaker: Dick Sagara

Topic:  Tenkara: Traditional Japanese Fly Fishing

Summary:  Dick Sagara will share his presentation on Tenkara fishing at our February meeting. Tenkara is a traditional Japanese form of fly fishing developed to fish for trout in mountain streams.


This is your chance to find out what all of the buzz is about and learn from an expert.


Dick’s program will introduce us to this form of fly fishing that is becoming more popular locally and across the USA. Dick is planning to cover :


  • Brief history of the origins of Tenkara fishing

  • Explanation of the tackle used in Tenkara fishing

  • Demonstration of Tenkara fishing techniques

  • Overview of traditional Tenkara fishing and the evolution of variations of traditional Tenkara fishing

  • Discussion of the advantages and limitations of Tenkara fishing

  • Time for Questions and dialogue regarding Tenkara fishing

Date: January 9, 2014

Speaker: Mike Koslosky

Topic:  "Eat Me" a Flyfishers Guide to Matching the Hatch

Summary: Ever stood at the streambank looking into your fly box and wondering ”what the heck do I tie on?” Or, if you are like many people you look through your collection of flies and pick one out that looks good to you. Let’s demystify this process a bit and learn a few tips on how to “Match the Hatch” which will hopefully give you logical reasons for choosing a particular fly and get you into fish quicker and more consistently. The presentation will cover both fresh and saltwater hatches.


PSFF member Mike Koslosky will be our guest speaker sharing his presentation “Match the Hatch”, a program initially developed for the Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy. Mike has been a playing with bugs and all manner of invertebrates since the ripe old age of 8 and for 35 years managed two Bay Area nature centers focusing on wildlife natural history and salt marsh ecology.

Date: December 12, 2013

Speaker: Jeff Brazda

Topic:  Olympic Penninsula Steelheading - And More!

Summary:  Jeff Brazda of Brazda’s Fly Fishing is visiting us at the next meeting and he’s bringing one of his guides, Aa- ron Oleary. Aaron will be covering Hatchery steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula including Spey, Nymph and Pin rods. Jeff plans on covering Springtime hosted trip opportu- nities including Ascension Bay bonefish, baby Tar- pon and Snook. Also he’ll revisit the Yakima river with lodging and guided fishing in June – September. He also plans on briefly covering Chinook fishing with spey rods including fly selection and technique.

Date: November 14, 2013

Speaker: Steve Raymond

Topic:  Noted Fly Fishing Author

Summary:  Steve Raymond has been fishing the trout, steelhead and salmon waters of his native Pacific Northwest for more than 60 years, and has spent much of that time writing about it. He is author of nine fly-fishing books, most recently "Nervous Water: Variations on a Theme of Fly Fishing" (The Lyons Press, 2006), and his re- views of fly-fishing books have appeared in various Contest Guidelines publications for more than 40 years.

Date: October 10, 2013

Speaker:  Michael Martin

Topic:  Going With the Tide

Summary:  Michael Martin will present a Powerpoint presentation on fly fishing for Black Rockfish (Sebastes melonops) in Washington’s Pacific Ocean. The program includes tackle, ocean "anatomy" and some piscatorial photos.

Date: September 12, 2013

Speaker:  Karen Royer

Topic:  Tying Fishable Realistic Flies

Summary:  Karen Royer will share her experiences from over 17 years of fly tying with the club.  Karen is often seen demonstrating fly tying at expo's around the NorthWest.  One of Karen's specialties is tying realistic looking flies that are fishable. Both fly tyers and fly buyers will learn something interesting from Karen's presentation.

Date: No Meeting in August



Summary:  There is no regular meeting during the month of August.

Date: July 11, 2013

Speaker: Blake Merwin 

Topic:  Sea Run Cuthroat and Salmon in Puget Sound

Summary:  The presentation will focus on fly fishing for sea run cutthroat and salmon in Puget Sound, with particular attention given to the South Sound and Hood Canal. Gear, flies, techniques, and most importantly where to go, will be covered. The growing popularity of kayak and stand up paddleboard fly fishing will also be addressed.

Date: June 13, 2013

Speaker: Jeff Brazada 

Topic:  Fall Steelhead, Trout Fishing, Fly Tying and Trends in Two-Handed Rods

SummaryJeff Brazda is the last of three generations of family steelhead fly fishermen in Washington waters. Owns Brazda’s fly fishing and operates the “Bogy House” lodge on the Olympic Peninsula. He is an accumulation of 14 years guide experience and over 35 years of aggressively pursuing steelhead in the region.

Date: May 9, 2013

Speaker: David Dietrich 

Topic:  Omak Lake

Summary:  David came to the Northwest at the age of 8 from his home state of Louisiana.  He operates Adventure Angling, a fly fishing service guiding in select waters of Washington.  When not working at Puget Sound Fly Co. in Tacoma, David can be found on South Puget Sound, Chasing cutthroat throughout the year.

Date: April 11, 2013

Speaker: Ted Teather 

Topic: Fly Fishing Etiquette

Summary: Ted's talk will focus on being a courteous streamside or lakeside partner or companion. Being courteous begins with pre-trip preparation and ends with a safe arrival home. There is much more that will be discussed than on the water etiquette. An important topic as the weather warms and we start to make plans to go fishing.

Date: March 14, 2013

Speaker: Anil Srivastava 

Topic: International Fly Fishing Without Breaking the Bank

Summary: Anil is the Owner of Puget Sound Fly Company which is a Tacoma based sly shop. Anil will talk about fishing trips to exotic locations that do not break the bank.  He will share tips developed from years of fly fishing adventuring.  

Date: February 14, 2013

Speaker: Larry Phillips

Topic: South Puget Sound Salmon and Steelhead Management

Summary:  Larry is currently the District Fish Biologist in south Puget Sound. His responsibilities include managing inland fisheries, developing salmon and steelhead preseason forecasts, estimating yearly escapements, and developing harvest plans consistent with recovery goals.

Date: January 10, 2013

Speaker: Jeff June

Topic: Derelict Fishing Gear 

Summary:  The January 10th guest speaker is Jeff June, who will present
Derelict Fishing Gear Survey and Removal Techniques in
Washington State.  The presentation will cover the Northwest
Straits Initiative’s Derelict Fishing Gear Survey and Removal Project.

Date: December 6, 2012

Speaker:  TBA

Topic: PSFF Club Liability Insurance

Summary: Our clubs’ insurance carrier requires us to have a signed liability waiver from each member.  This is new to our  club and we will have a presentation at our December  6 meeting reviewing our general liability insurance policy and release waiver.

Date: November 8, 2012

Speaker: Al Schmauder

Topic: Clover and Chambers Creek Restoration 

Summary:  Al Schmauder, long time activist for restoration of Clover and Chambers Creek, will provide a presentation on 8 Nov.  His presentation will cover the recent work done to rebuild a fish ladder at the Chambers Creek dam plus photos of the other 7 fish ladders between Chambers Bay and Spanaway Lake.  He will also discuss other major restoration work completed and planned to include bringing back Steelhead to Chambers Creek.

Date: October 11, 2012

Speaker: Chester Allen

Topic: Sea-Run Cuttthroat 

Summary:  Noted author and passionate SRC fisherman will speak on fishing for sea-run cutthroat in Puget Sound and the streams and rivers that feed into the Sound.  The presentation will cover where to fish, when to fish, and how to fish for these unique trout that live in our back yards.

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