2017 Puget Sound Fly Fishing Fair

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Free Educational and Inspirational Presentations


We have a full bill of professional presentations already scheduled to educate and inspire you. Whether you are a seasoned fly fisher, brand new to the sport, or just curious about what this whole fly fishing thing is all about, there is sure to be something at the Fair to meet your needs.  Local experts and nationally known celebrities will be presenting at the Fly Fishing Fair for us.  Check back often for updates!

Scheduled Presentations 


Whether you are a seasoned fly fisher, brand new to the sport, or just curious about what this whole fly fishing thing is all about, there is sure to be something at the Fair to meet your needs.


Let’s take a look at some of the programs scheduled;




10:00 am - Capturing Magic Moments

It’s hard to beat the beauty of our western outdoors and Carol Ann Morris will show you how to make the best of your fishing and nature photographs. No camera needed - imagination will be your best investment.


11:00 am - Get Pink(s)

It’s another one of those years when pink salmon come into Puget Sound heading to their home rivers to spawn. There will be millions of them in town in less than a week from this program so find out from local Steve Saville the best way to get into the action from these hard fighting fish.


12:00 pm - Battling Western Smallmouth Bass

Join David Paul Williams, our local smallmouth bass specialist who will put you into high gear to chase these warm water bruisers. Pound for pound these guys are hard to beat and make trout look silly by comparison.


1:00 pm - There are Tigers out There

Not Bengal tigers but our ferocious tiger muskies - a beast comparable to a freshwater barracuda complete with teeth to match. Hear guide Mike Sturza of Lost Creek Fly Shop give you the inside scoop on going after these monsters.


2:00 pm - Tube Flies for Steelhead

Join April Vokey as she demonstrates the art of tying tube flies for steelhead. Colorful, effective, and best of all, salvageable! Tube flies have longer life spans since they don’t get chewed to shreds by aggressive fish.




10:00 am - Chasing Sea Run Cutthroat by Skiff

Let Bob Triggs row you away from the beach in search of Puget Sounds’ Coastal Cutthroat Trout in his signature green and yellow dory. Naturalist, explorer, waterman, fly tier, humorist, professional guide, conservationist, writer and more, Bob knows cutthroat and he’ll share some of that with you.


11:00 am - Fly Fishing 101

Want to get started but at a loss on how to begin? Rueben Lamphere will outline and unravel the basics of gear and equipment. What do you need, where can you get this stuff, how do you put it all together? Learn from a pro.


12:00 pm - Go Deep and Perfect Your Lake Fishing

With hundreds of lakes and ponds dotting the local landscape there are no reasons not to get on the water and try your luck. Skip Morris will share his tried and true secrets to catching trout in these “stillwaters”.


1:00 pm - Fly Fishing 102

Know that you know what you need to get started in fly fishing, find out from Rueben Lamphere where to go, how to read the water, safety practices, what techniques are best, There may even be a chance for a few lucky beginners to join him for a day of basic fly fishing.


2:00 pm - Warmwater Fishing For All

Get hooked on one of the most fun fisheries around - bluegill, crappie, perch and all those feisty sunfish. Bruce Bolding of Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife will show you where to get started, how to succeed, and will have you and the kids grinning from ear to ear. Perfect for beginners.




10:00 am - Science and Management of Coastal Cutthroat Trout

Not much has ever been known about the life history of coastal cutthroat in Puget Sound. Now new research through the WDFW has been putting the pieces of this mysterious puzzle together with some surprising results. James Losee, lead researcher will share the results of the CCC work with you.


11:00 am - Top Water Fly Fishing for Cutthroat

No one fishes cutthroat on the surface more or with better success than Leland Miyawaki. Another Pacific Northwest legend, Leland developed the signature “Miyawaki Popper” a surface fly that cutthroat attack with gusto. Learn his techniques and hear his amazing stories.


12:00 pm - Steelhead and the Woman Who Finds Them

April Vokey is a legend in her own time. She is a steelhead catching machine, fly fishing blogger, certified casting instructor, conservationist, professional guide, international traveler and all around great person. Hear her focus on swinging flies for steelhead.


1:00 pm - Tuna on the Fly?

For the ultimate in Bluewater fly fishing tuna on a fly rod is the most adrenalin pumping activity that is still legal! Anil Srivistava of Puget Sound Fly Company will introduce you to this exotic, heart stopping rush that you have to experience to believe.


2:00 pm - Coastal Cutthroat Status and Trends

Hear WDFW cutthroat specialist James Losee, and panel members Bob Triggs, Richard Stoll, and Leland Miyawaki discuss the current state of our much sought after Sea Run Cutthroat Trout. Are we loving them to death? What are their population numbers? How are they affected by pollutants in Puget Sound? What is their future as a recreational fishery?



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