2021 Outings and Outdoor Activites

Outdoor Outings and Activities


Puget Sound FlyFishers club outings offer something for everyone. There are day trips, week day and weekend as well as multi-day outings. There are saltwater and freshwater trips. There are trips that are not only for Trout but for Walleye, Carp, Bass, Salmon, Tiger Muskie, and Sea Run Cutthroat.
Click 2021 Outings Schedule Button above to view planned events for 2021.  Note, the events and details noted on the 2021 Outings Schedule are always being updated.
Unfortunately, insurance concerns limit outings participation to club members.

A message from the Outdoor Activities Cordinator


Fellow Fly Fishers;
Welcome to the Outings page. We continually update outings as trips come, go, are revised, and
sometimes re-scheduled. You will notice an attempt to spread the trips throughout the region. We
plan our fly fishing trips to lakes, ponds, rivers and salt waters. Fishing locations may be Puget
Sound, Western Washington, Eastern Washington and British Columbia. I hope to introduce some of
you to new sites and to fish for new species. Trout have been the historic quarry for fly fishers but
various fly patterns and techniques can be used just as effectively to catch bass, carp and many
other warmwater sunfish.

Some trips will require a watercraft of some sort, others will be walk and wade. You should never
feel lacking may it be equipment, flies or technique. Puget Sound Flyfishers offers assistance with
casting, fly tying, equipment and monthly presentations to continually learn. The men and women of
this club are of all ages, experience/levels and are always willing to share their advice, suggestions
and help with answers to your questions. If you need help just ask.
Jim Baker
Outdoor Activities Coordinator


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